June – Week 4

“England is a nation of shopkeepers.”
—Napoleon I

Having finished my portfolio site, and now feeling more confident I took to revitalising another site from months ago. You might remember my girlfriend’s site from March, which at that point, demonstrated that I was ill-equipped to deal with the difficulties of an e-commerce store. However, with WordPress on our side there’s a really great plugin we can use to save us a lot of time WooCommerce. Here’s a playlist from “upload WP” to get you going. That’s it really, the only contentious points may be how you deal with tax/shipping and payment options, check the WooCommerce documentation for more information.

You could also take a look at Magneto (another e-commerce setup) which is prevalent these days, though setting it up will be initially more difficult than WC (Level up Tuts has a video series on it). Anyway check out the finished website for my girlfriend here. Once you’ve got an e-commerce store up and running, you can feel confident you’ve got something to offer small businesses who could really benefit from a lightweight but effective e-commerce store.

1. Setup a WooCommerce or Magneto store.

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