July – Week 3

Respite arrives in the form of a holiday, a brief relocation to Cornwall and the discovery of Code Complete. What else was I going to read on holiday? We’ve got to stay the course and it’s a book I’ve often been recommended. (Thanks Bill the Lizard.) Also I grabbed a couple of Head First’s books, Java and Design Patterns. The books themselves seem kind of silly, what with crossword exercises, but they’re rather popular. They’re presented in quite an informal, conversational style – rather like a young, cool and liberalised teacher, who in retrospect, perhaps ins’t as cool as you once imagined – Head First is a refreshing change from the hard conservative styles often found in programming books. Learning programming is tough, and as an (ex and embittered) teacher I like the way H.F are trying to add a mix of sugar to the bland conformity of computer science text books. However, I do believe they make poor reference books and you’ll need more rigorous material after you’ve finished.

Wait a minute, I’m trying to learn Java as well! Last week we were starting PHP now this. Well I’m exploring different possibilities and you’re under no obligation to follow what I do the exact letter, still I’d have a look at grabbing yourself a copy of Code Complete.

1. Grab some of the books recommended here.

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