February – Week 1 – HTML

(Note: please read the before you start article)

Tim Berners-Lee created the web, and it was good.

I started at the beginning, and so will you. HTML.

In a 3 character play, it’s the script, analogised with the body, it’s the skeleton – hidden, structural, brutally stark – it makes me think of a Portsmouth car-park. But without it we’d be a goopy, yet colourful mess on the floor. (HTML5 gave it a much needed makeover, but woah there space captain, we’re saving that for later)

Where did I start with HTML? Codecademy. You should start here too. I suggest signing up and doing the whole track, it’s a soft landing, with hands being held.

(note:- Codecademy has it’s detractors, here’s my answer to that. “It gives you a false sense of accomplishment, ” or it “spoon feeds you”, “doesn’t teach you program structures” etc. In some ways I agree, but right now I’m a tiny baby fish in this big bad scary world, I need easy. Codecademy gives you a safe environment (no installing 3rd party programs) to play around in. Yes the hints make it easy, but that’s what we need right now. We’ll grow out of it eventually.)

You might find it tiresome to type out the same brackets and what currently appear as meaningless words, if you’re new to it, resist the urge to copy and paste. Rote repetitive tasks DO help, beginners who are learning languages benefit from these kinds of drills, I think you will too, I certainly did. We’ll take shortcuts later when you’ve got some experience. I like to think of it like this: Guitar players form muscle memory, web developers form keyboard syntax memory.

Go do the HTML Fundamentals course at Codecademy.

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