August – Week 1

This week I got really into using codeabbey, it’s a strange retro looking site, but one that I think has a lot of value. I didn’t expect to stay but solving the problems became quite addictive and I became aware that it was a building on what I’d learnt at Codecademy and ‘Learn JS properly.’ You’re given solid introductions to the problems that cover important areas such as encryption (the author(s) seem to know their stuff too). The input/output system seems a little opinionated (problems converting strings and numbers) but even that taught me (or at least jogged my memory) a fair bit about primitive conversions and dealing with various forms array and data.

There’s no solutions or explicit help here so you’ve got to be prepared to duke it out with the programming muse. (Sometimes she sings, other times she’s silent) The problems helped me consolidate some of the knowledge I’d been acquiring, and the satisfaction of finding solutions to incrementally harder problems makes it worthwhile. Sign up and see what you think. (You can solve the solutions in a variety of languages.)

1. Start using codeabbey.

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