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June – Week 2

We’ve outgrown the confines of chez localhost, it’s time we got out into the real world. Start with the web launch checklist, and follow through with (most) of the suggestions (things like meta-tags and SEO can be dealt with by the WordPress SEO plugin- Yoast). (more…)


April – Week 1

Internet Explorer: The best browser for downloading another browser.
– Unknown

Complaint warning. Just a friendly reminder, I’m sure at this point any latent IE users would have already quietly shuffled over to a far superior browser. I understand some people cling to IE as an ironic form of protest, but there’s only one reason for us to keep a copy of IE, and that’s for testing purposes. (more…)


March – Week 2

“Any code of your own that you haven’t looked at for six or more months might as well have been written by someone else.”
– Eagleson’s law

This week I built a website for my girlfriend, I used a free PSD which I came across and sublime text to make a one page site. I learnt a lot about CSS by trying to move and push Divs around the page. The site is the front page of a craft store, while I think the result is quite decent, there are a few problems which make it relatively obsolete today. (more…)