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March – Week 1

“ Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind. ”
– Donald Knuth

Now you might have an idea of how to use JavaScript/jQuery on your website, don’t panic if not, we’re about to create some cool things to use on your site. Take a look at Jeffery Way’s 30 days to learn jQuery. (more…)


February – Week 3

I certainly don’t want to dissuade the newcomers in the audience. Instead, I’d simply recommend that they be prepared for the long-haul. Development isn’t something that you knuckle down and learn in six months (despite what some infomercials may say). It’s a non-stop battle, not too dissimilar from an RPG. Little by little, your skills level-up. But it’s a slow process. The key is to love it, and to never stop…even when you’re overwhelmed with frustration and confusion.
– Jeffery Way – Owner of Laracasts and developer evangelist

We’re breaking out of the Sandbox today and getting into a different style of learning: screencasts (or tutorial videos or instructional AV experiences…). Now you might suspect watching someone type while you hurriedly struggle to catch up a more regressive style than the interactive Codecademy style tasks. Well, I really encourage you to try them. (more…)