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September – Week 1

Ryan’s wife: Why can’t a machine understand a normal web page?

Ryan: Because web pages are designed to be understood by people. A machine doesn’t care about layout and styling. Machines basically just need the data. Ideally, every URL would have a human readable and a machine readable representation. When a machine GETs the resource, it will ask for the machine readable one. When a browser GETs a resource for a human, it will ask for the human readable one.

– Ryan Tomayko: How I Explained REST to My Wife

(I highly recommend reading the above article, it’s a nice introduction as to what will follow this week.)

It seems there’s a great deal of tussle about which framework is better, to clarify, I’m referring to the JavaScript MVC frameworks; Backbone.js, Angular.js and Ember.js – in fact there’s too many to list and apologies if I’ve missed your fanboy favorite. We’re garden variety beginners, who, still hungover from celebrating our dynamic quiz victory, (courtesy of “Learn JS properly” – and if you haven’t finished that course…what are you waiting for! Get back there and do it.) we’ve climbed back on the horse, where to next? (more…)


August – Week 2

Remember May – Week 3 when I landed that bombshell upon you, a bombshell with a big fat label that read “You Don’t Know JavaScript”. Well, if you’ve finished the “Learn JS properly” curriculum, (or at least gotten to week 7) you’re making good progress. At this point I had a working quiz (more…)


May – Week 3

Too often I interview someone that proudly lists JavaScript on their resume having only done some simple onClick handlers or form validation that they pieced together from code samples. The use and knowledge of frameworks such as jQuery or Dojo is great, but you can’t become a master of these toolkits without a good understanding of the JavaScript behind them.
– Michael Woloszynowicz from You Don’t Know JavaScript

A rather terrifying development has emerged this week, it dawns upon you (as it dawned on me) You don’t know JavaScript. We’re still beginners and we can’t really advance ourselves without a more solid understanding of the foundations of the language. (All that time on Codecademy and we still can’t confidently – and independently – write a fizz buzz program!) Codecademy held our hand while we stepped through the door but now we’ve got to go it alone. (more…)