September – Weeks 2, 3 & 4

A confession this week, I don’t have any suggestions for what you should be studying – I’ve been busy creating this blog. I’ve tied up these 3 weeks in a hessian bag and thrown them onto the train line, mustache and hat completing my evil tirade. I’m not sure if opening an account of many months of toil to the general viewing public is a good idea, it’s a bit of a gamble and I’ve invested quite a lot of time to present to you what I’ve learnt and forgotten in the previous months. Public opinion appears as a train storming the line, it could be made of steel and sharp pointy ends or cake and cashmere pillows. In the last 3 weeks I’ve been collecting and revising all I’ve covered, confusing notes I’ve made and with some difficulty, making sense of it all to deliver to you everything I’ve been studying and reading with enough plain clear language to encourage the absolute beginner (which I was) and not to frustrate the seasoned veteran (which I hope to become) with falsehoods and bad practice.

I’m sure there’s items missed – which I’ll soon add – and mistakes to be corrected. I can only hope that, given the time spent here, someone will find following my winding path through the various steeps, descents and rises, satisfyingly useful enough to return often. I feel in retrospect it’s been successful for me, at age 30, to try and make a career change with only the internet and it’s many helpful corners to guide – and sometimes confuse. Being a teacher has taught me, you can never rest on what you know, you’re always being observed and ushered towards self-improvement and certainly, in technology – you live a similar existence. Ok enough rest, onto next week where I’ll have something else.

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