February – Week 1 – HTML

(Note: please read the before you start article)

Tim Berners-Lee created the web, and it was good.

I started at the beginning, and so will you. HTML.

In a 3 character play, it’s the script, analogised with the body, it’s the skeleton – hidden, structural, brutally stark – it makes me think of a Portsmouth car-park. But without it we’d be a goopy, yet colourful mess on the floor. (HTML5 gave it a much needed makeover, but woah there space captain, we’re saving that for later)


Before you start

There are a few things I believe that can help you along on this journey. These are only opinions, advice is always the same with me, take it or leave it. So, before you start:

  • Use a decent computer – don’t use Granny’s 10 year old Dell laptop. The stuff you’ll be doing isn’t exactly performance intensive but hell is dealing with memory leaks, abhorrent slowdowns, the kind of things to tip you over the edge after too many hours punching the keys. (more…)