March – Week 2

“Any code of your own that you haven’t looked at for six or more months might as well have been written by someone else.”
– Eagleson’s law

This week I built a website for my girlfriend, I used a free PSD which I came across and sublime text to make a one page site. I learnt a lot about CSS by trying to move and push Divs around the page. The site is the front page of a craft store, while I think the result is quite decent, there are a few problems which make it relatively obsolete today.

I still wasn’t confident enough to use JavaScript, but at this stage I would recommend taking a look at jQueryUI which will allow you to add some nice practical effects to your site. Here’s a screenshot of the site.

girfriend's website

A website for my girlfriend. It didn’t last long!

Right, the problems then:

  • 1. The site used what I now consider a naughty CSS rule – fixed widths. Well if you won’t notice it but if I tried resizing the browser, nothing moves, we’re ignoring responsive design. Have a look at BBC News, they might disagree, but since they provide specialist apps for mobiles they needn’t worry. Still I’m in the camp that thinks if you don’t have a good reason, go responsive. (More on this later)
  • 2. We’re not using any kind of CMS, (content management system) confused? We’ll get to it later. But in short it would allow my girlfriend (potentially) to update the site herself.
  • 3. I have to make every new page by hand, endlessly copying/pasting (this, for every single product page!) We don’t want to do this, not at all. You’ll find out how we get around this later.
  • The site is outdated, it’s not dynamic and it’s not easy to scale or update. What I did do, and I hope you can see this with your progress, is consolidate my knowledge of HTML & CSS by working independently. That’s where the struggle is, but it’s also where the real learning happens.

    TL;DR –

    1. Learn about jQueryUI
    2. Make another website using some jQueryUi
    3. (GA)Dash – Finish projects 3, 4 and 5

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