March – Week 1

“ Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind. ”
– Donald Knuth

Now you might have an idea of how to use JavaScript/jQuery on your website, don’t panic if not, we’re about to create some cool things to use on your site. Take a look at Jeffery Way’s 30 days to learn jQuery.

Now I did the whole course (there’s 8 units in all), however the twitter API (unit 4.3) is outdated and is best avoided because the code won’t work. I also found Unit 6 – AJAX a little bit too difficult at this point. Therefore I’d say your priority is finishing the image slider. Now when you’re coding along with Jeffery, be sure to leave comments in the code as you go, explaining what you think each line is doing (write it in your own words of course). Also pay attention to what Jeffery says about best practices, he might sound like a stuffy old grammarian, but if you start adhering to these practices it’ll stand you in good stead. Oh and if it’s going over your head, well I’d say a fair bit of it is going to be quite difficult. Here’s the key things I took from this video:

1. Caching variables – Don’t keep referencing the DOM
2. Using init and callbacks to start the program
3. Using configs for custom settings

Try putting the image slider into one of your previous websites (you’ve built at least one I hope!)

1. Tuts+ – 30 days to learn jQuery
Optional: If your looking for a more concise introduction to JavaScript – read the first 4 chapters of Eloquent JavaScript. I’m going to recommend it again later, so perhaps a good idea make a start now.

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