June – Week 1

This week I’ve been creating a finalised portfolio website for myself (an updated version of my attempt in April), and that’s been taking up my time (along with Richard’s curriculum from May). A portfolio website should be a standard aim for anyone in our position, how you go about it is of course your choice.

I chose to work under an Alias, “Bee Smart Design”, because I thought it had some interesting possibilities for branding and design. I haven’t really talked about the business side of web design, and I don’t really intend to, I don’t have much experience there. (I do suggest listening to Unfinished Business, it’s a very informative podcast that covers the business side of things, I got a lot from it, especially in determining what I’m worth as a web designer.)

Anyway by this point you should be able to create a modern responsive design, loads content (at least Posts) dynamically, has at least a sprinkling of independently coded jQuery. You can find my site here. It has some issues (a bit slow – unoptimised, some strange Firefox related behavior) but for the time I’m happy with the result and it ticks the right boxes. Looking back at where we were in March – Week 2, this is good progress, next week we’ll be taking the site online.

1. Create a Portfolio site for yourself. (Be sure it meets the above requirements)

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