July – Week 4

“If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I’ve won.”
– Linus Torvalds

I thought this was a blog about web design, now you’re talking about installing Linux, CLI’s and dual-booting, whatever the hell that is. This week I decided to try out Linux, following recommendations I chose the (baby tier) Ubuntu distro: Cinnamon Mint. I like Linux, I think the CLI (command line interface) is great – something Windows seems to lack – but I don’t like permissions (which for the beginner me, caused me much pain trying to get WordPress up and running the way I like it). I have it installed alongside Windows now, I use it occasionally for some programming tasks, but I prefer Windows, at least for now.

Also another harrowing descent into computer science had me grappling with the infamous SICP, a core text (or at least it used to be) for many comp-sci courses. Though many programming books age badly, SICP does not as it’s principles are more or less static concepts. I found the original lectures helped a lot when understanding the book itself, they are dated but just imagine it’s the 80’s, into the time machine you go! How far you travel down the road is up to you, it’s a bit of an investment but certainly it’ll pay off for you.

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