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June – Week 4

“England is a nation of shopkeepers.”
—Napoleon I

Having finished my portfolio site, and now feeling more confident I took to revitalising another site from months ago. You might remember my girlfriend’s site from March, which at that point, demonstrated that I was ill-equipped to deal with the difficulties of an e-commerce store. However, with WordPress on our side there’s a really great plugin we can use to save us a lot of time (more…)


June – Week 3

If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.
– Jimmy Wales

The words “I’m no expert on ____ but…” would probably be the last thing to entice the busy reader, but wait! I’m no expert on SEO but… I know some people who are. (Or useful tools that can make you at least competent in this area.) Search engine optimisation is what every website dreams about, being the at the top – like a whiny adolescent with ambitions of stardom – it rarely, if ever materialises for us. (more…)


June – Week 2

We’ve outgrown the confines of chez localhost, it’s time we got out into the real world. Start with the web launch checklist, and follow through with (most) of the suggestions (things like meta-tags and SEO can be dealt with by the WordPress SEO plugin- Yoast). (more…)


May – Week 1

There are a couple of routes you can take when creating a WordPress site, you can either save yourself some time (and potentially, lots of effort) by using a premium WordPress theme (such as those found at Themeforest), or you can use a framework like bones (free), _underscores (free) or genesis (premium). Personally I like to use bones (more…)


April – Week 4

It’s really unfortunate that I’m stuck using it in certain cases. It’s even more unfortunate that it has such a high market share and that people are still flocking to it as if it is a good solution for their CMS. Non-programmers see a pretty back-end and are astonished at its great and awe-inspiring magnificence. WordPress “programmers” look at it and see the myriad of filters, the nice looking documentation, and plethora of (mostly useless – I’ll get to this later) plugins and are captivated by the sheer power of the applications they can charge way too much for. I look at it and weep uncontrollably. On the inside, of course. As a man, I don’t cry.
– Jeremy Harris

So why learn WordPress? And if I’m not to disagree with Mr. Harris then how can I convince you it’s possibly a good idea. Skim this. WordPress gets a bit of hate because it’s easy for lazy devs to overload it with plugins and the back-end code is questionably bloated. If your the smart man on campus or a coding-ninja the I can certainly see what would annoy you about WordPress, but we’re not, we’re little fish and I think getting you from the basics of HTML/CSS into pushing a dynamic modern web site online we need a CMS. (more…)