Before you start

There are a few things I believe that can help you along on this journey. These are only opinions, advice is always the same with me, take it or leave it. So, before you start:

  • Use a decent computer – don’t use Granny’s 10 year old Dell laptop. The stuff you’ll be doing isn’t exactly performance intensive but hell is dealing with memory leaks, abhorrent slowdowns, the kind of things to tip you over the edge after too many hours punching the keys.
  • Start with a clean OS or a relatively fresh install. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…skip this step, however if you do, be careful. Read a guide or something. I’m not responsible if you didn’t back up your 6 gigs of Swedish sludge metal.
  • Oh yeah, back up your stuff! I don’t do this often enough, because like the arrogant Brit-villains in your silly movies I think I’m too smart and my 5th cup of tea has made me idle. I will regret this, you’ll do better.
  • Don’t use the same password for everything, and please don’t use your birthday. Use a password manager, the internets not the wild west but there are infantile people here who think they’re cowboys.
  • Windows/Mac/Linux – Doesn’t matter which, I use a dual boot system of Windows/Linux. Mostly I use Windows, which, according to the rules of some corners of the internet, is reason enough to have me quartered. Ignore the infernal braying of the playground tough guys and make it your choice.
  • Consider a 2nd monitor – My laptop screen is small, but you adjust right? I read a thread somewhere about workflow tips. Someone suggested using a 2nd monitor to multi-task. Ok so it’s £90, but I noticed a big difference straight away. If your watching a youtube tutorial video while writing on the other, typically you won’t need to pause the video, minimise, maximise, what a pain. Plus it makes you look like a cyber-punk tech wizard.

    Now you’re on your way. Start here.

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