August – Week 4

We’re flirting with danger, moving out of the comfort zone with fashioned with WordPress and into the thorny ill-fitting world of Drupal. But soberly I’ll intone to re-assure that Drupal is neither prickly nor uncomfortable, I actually quite like it, and it’s worth knowing. You might have seen people comparing the market share of Drupal and WordPress, demonstrating that WordPress kicks Drupal all over the park here, however we know better than to judge it simply on this.

WordPress is (now) easy (relatively) and for us, we don’t want easy, we need new challenges which Drupal will provide. It’s market share may be less because it’s harder to get off the ground, well for us, we can manage this and certainly being bi-lingual with PHP CMS’s can only be a good thing.

Let’s start by seeing what Scott from LevelUptuts has for us, a whole Drupal playlist to get us started. Some of the stuff he uses in the video is (a little) outdated, watch out for the YouTube comments which are (unusually) helpful in directing you in what to do if you do get stuck (however I’ve since gotten used to this kind of thing – as maybe you have too). One thing in Drupal is we don’t can’t rely on those easy plugins to solve our problems, but this is a required barrier for us to overcome. We’re trying to elevate ourselves out of the bull-pen, where half-complete WordPress developers frantically try scrabbling around for long-ago digested bits of jQuery they found on the floor, desperately mushing them into a cohesive whole. No, we need to be in the higher echelons guffawing at the silly proles. I think Scott’s videos should give you and I enough to go on for a while.

1. Watch LevelUpTuts Drupal playlist and start throwing together a little website or 2.

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