August – Week 3

Fakery and chicanery, sounds like a movement in the history of furniture design, but it’s not; I’m afraid I made a bit of a faux pas this week, I created and I’m now displaying a couple of websites for businesses: businesses that don’t exist. I had been warned off doing this by a few things I’d read on the internet, though, let’s be clear that I do clearly state the fictional nature of the websites. (I don’t wish to upset anybody) Although they sit in my Bee Smart portfolio I like to think of them as demonstrating what I can do, even if they are for all intents, empty vessels. They are for a travel company and a dental practice.

I created most of the content myself and used public domain images from search engines. I’ve found most free photo websites pretty bad, even the ones at webdesignrepo haven’t been that useful. So some work in Photoshop was required to make things look a bit more convincing. I’m most happy with the result achieved by travel pair, what you see is that prevalent “flat” design that’s used a lot these days. It really favors using some big bold images (some of the images I used are from my travelling days), I like colors and overall I’m pretty happy with it. Delta Dental, well not so much, but it’s helping me improve and refine certain things I’ve learnt since my Bee Smart site was finished.

1. Not so fast this week. Keep making websites, even if you’re not getting clients then consider making a few prospective sites.

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