August – Week 2

Remember May – Week 3 when I landed that bombshell upon you, a bombshell with a big fat label that read “You Don’t Know JavaScript”. Well, if you’ve finished the “Learn JS properly” curriculum, (or at least gotten to week 7) you’re making good progress. At this point I had a working quiz that I believe fulfilled the requirements of the curriculum, and had read every chapter and understood (some) of my doorstop copy of Professional JavaScript (which became – for a few weeks – a reliable bed for the cat). Anyway here’s my attempt: the source code and a live version. What I think:

  • Getting the back button to remember every previous answer was really difficult. Took me a long time to figure out the exact order all the functions and callbacks should be in. Using JSON was fairly painless (thanks to Professional JS) though.
  • Cookie serves the purpose of remembering the user but, I would like to change it to use local storage (which this website uses up there in header button).
  • The HTML of my quiz really is in need of some (templating) love and attention. JavaScript is creating a lot of the HTML and it makes the script.js file very messy.

Doing it all (mostly) alone, was very beneficial, and I feel like I can actually start working on small projects independently. So big thumbs up for from me. I’ll start looking at his next course, learn backbone.js in September. Eventually this will, I hope, lead me to using the MEAN stack, but we’ve still got a long way to go (gee where have we heard that before). Anyway if you’ve managed to soldier on this far, please share your own quizzes as I’d love to see them.

1. Finish your dynamic quiz and upload it to Github

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