April – Week 2

This week I got a bit ahead of myself, I started using/learning more about Yeoman and it’s oft cited friends (Grunt & Bower). To me, looking back, it’s wasn’t that useful for me at this point, and unfortunately I actually forgot some of the stuff I learnt. This can be a recurrent problem for us, as we apply the old “use it or lose it” rule to learning.

However what I didn’t lose was an appreciation for it’s use and how it might benefit me. Even if I have to re-watch the videos later, I can skim over them a bit faster. Your choice then, return here later or keep reading. But wait, we saw Sayanee on Tuts+ do a 20 min video on this, well I’ll be honest at the time I skipped through that particular video (sorry!). This is when I stumbled upon a set of YouTube playlists by Will Stern, and that’s what I’ll be looking at this week.

Will has a channel called LearnCode.academy which has lots of useful tutorials and pieces of advice. Start here, he explains his opinions of what you should be learning in a neat diagram. He has a whole bunch of videos on Yeoman, Bootstrap, jQuery etc. it’s a good time to consolidate some of the stuff you’ve been learning. For now I’d avoid videos about Angular, Node and Github. We’ll start getting to those later. Bookmark it and return later.

1. Consolidate what you’ve learnt and watch some of the videos at LearnCode.academy

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