April – Week 1

Internet Explorer: The best browser for downloading another browser.
– Unknown

Complaint warning. Just a friendly reminder, I’m sure at this point any latent IE users would have already quietly shuffled over to a far superior browser. I understand some people cling to IE as an ironic form of protest, but there’s only one reason for us to keep a copy of IE, and that’s for testing purposes.

Admittedly slow incremental changes have been made to it, however it tends to stay behind the curve, and well, as a developer you want to be ahead of, if not riding that beautiful curve. Complaint over.

This month I finished creating a prototype for my own web design business. I really enjoyed making the background and creating the overall theme of the site. I had these cool jQuery hexagons that flick between images when you hover over them. Though fatally, I positioned them using strict PX measurements, bad idea, it’s not responsive. If I resize the window the hexagons and various other elements start bouncing around in an entirely unpleasant fashion. I can hear the boo boys now, but you said last week that we have to be responsive.

Well the thing about this whole learning thing is that we make mistakes, and perhaps I shouldn’t have been so attached to a site that I couldn’t re-factor without some serious work. Eventually I’ll give up on the site, rather than spend any more time on it, but it can be hard to let go, especially those lovely hexagons.


The first incarnation of my site. Dutifully laid to rest.

Since I spent the whole week working on my site, yes really, I only have one thing for you to do. I believe continued immersion is the best way to learn a language, and therefore I suggest you start listening to the ShopTalk podcast. One of the hosts is Chris Coyier, who created the CSS-Tricks website (great website, you may have already stumbled upon).

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